Maori Point Vineyard

Gold Digger Sparkling Rosé - PET NAT! (330mL)


A limited release version of our limited release sparkling Rosé! A small batch of our dangerous lady was simply determined to continue its fermentation in the bottle, thus becoming an example of the wine trend called pétillant naturelle (those in the know simply say, "Pet Nat"). The result is a version of Gold Digger Rosé that is more bubbly, dry, with complex yeasty flavours and a bit of yeast sediment at the bottom of each bottle. Because it is dry with less fruit flavour intensity, it is particularly good with food. 

Pet-Nat wines are the ancestral kin of méthode Champenois where the wine finishes its primary fermentation in the bottle, trapping carbon dioxide and a sediment of yeast lees. “Opening a bottle of pet-nat can be surprising and unpredictable, but also a pleasure” say the wine critics.

Surprising and pleasurable - yes, that's her.

Note: the only visual indications of this special Pet Nat batch of sparkling Rose are a) the bit of yeast at the bottom and b) the hand-written code on the side of the bottle will say "9c"

Each bottle is 330mL.


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