Please note: for all destinations, shipping will be paused if there are extreme temperatures that may damage the wine!

Free shipping for orders of 6 or more full-sized (750mL) bottles. Usual delivery time of 2-4 days.

We can ship our wine to Australia through an export partner. It is delivered right to your home or office, and takes 3-4 weeks. Standard shipping price is NZ$120 for up to 15 bottles. But we also offer:
FREE SHIPPING - if your wine purchase is >$450 and is 15 bottles or fewer we’ll ship it for free.
REDUCED SHIPPING - if your purchase is >$250 and is 15 bottles or fewer we’ll ship it for $60.
Note: 15 bottles or fewer refers to full-sized (750ml) bottles. You can include our smaller 330ml bottles (eg Gold Digger) in groups of 12, which count as 6 full-sized bottles. Example: if you order 12x Gold Digger sparkling, 5x Pinot Gris, 4x Pinot Noir, then those 9 full-sized bottles and 12 small bottles meet the "15 or fewer" requirement and shipping is free.

We can ship our wines to you, with a typical delivery time of 3-4 weeks, and we offer free shipping (with minimum order requirements). Please email us at for more information.

UK and EU
Shipping is available, please email us at