Maori Point Vineyard

2016 Honi Late Harvest Golden Riesling (375mL)


A dessert wine for those who don't think they like dessert wines. Not cloying or syrupy sweet, our Honi late harvest Golden Riesling dances on your palate. The name "Honi" is the Māori word for honey, which describes the initial aromas of this wine, soon joined by dried apricot and floral notes, a velvety texture, and a long finish. Those honey aromas result from the botrytis or "noble rot" of the late harvested grapes. Noble rot is a phenomenon sought after for hundreds of years, and is very difficult to get just right unless mother nature is on our side. In 2016, she certainly was. While it is called a "dessert wine" it pairs beautifully with other foods - try it with almost any cheese, or to be amazed try it with really rich foods like crayfish or foie gras. 138g/L residual sugar, 11.3% alcohol

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