Maori Point Vineyard

ARCHIVE Gold Digger Frizzante (330mL) - Aged Sparkling Pinot Gris!


We're often asked, will the Gold Digger Frizzante improve with age? Up until now, we've had to say we don't know, because we usually drink it all! Plus, we assumed that the Gold Digger is more about delicious fun bubbles that you don't hesitate to open and drink now - it's not intended to be the expensive sparkling wine you put away and age for your big anniversary.

That changed when we received some old cases of Gold Digger back from one of our wine sellers. These bottles are about four years old. Of course, for the sake of science we needed to open a few to see what the aging had done to the wine. And we were surprised to find that aged Gold Digger is beautiful, showing the lovely rich mellow notes of aged Champagne!

From a winemaking perspective, this makes some sense, due to how we make the Gold Digger. And while a nice vintage Champagne might take 8-10 years to hit its stride as an aged sparkling,  we should expect the Gold Digger to age more quickly because it is in a smaller bottle (about 2x the rate seems reasonable).

So, we have decided to offer up these ARCHIVE Gold Digger bottles as a special treat for those who are curious about aged Gold Digger - or who are curious about what is so great about old Champagne (at a tiny fraction of the price). 


TRY THIS AT HOME: If you love this and want to age your own supply of Gold Digger Frizzante, please be sure to put it somewhere that is dark and cold - a stable storage temperature anywhere from 10-14 deg celsius is ideal




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