Maori Point Wines

2x 440mL Cans Rake Sparkling Pinot Noir


Young Pinot Noir, harvested by hand and canned on-site at Māori Point, designed to be chilled. The wine is dry and lightly sparkling, and shows flavours of smoky dark berry fruit, spice, and chocolate. Unique, complex enough to make you think, and perfect with any hike, BBQ, concert, or visit to the beach. The hot sun is out yet you still want some Pinot Noir? Here's TWO cans of the Rake!

Serving temperature: chilled. In fact, the perfect temperature is likely to be the same temperature as the river, lake, or ocean you're hopefully sitting right next to, so put it in there for 10 minutes...

Pairing ideas: anything with bacon. And more generally, asian dishes, game meats, even dessert!

Beware, he's dangerous.

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