From the beginning, we have been focused on stewardship of the Māori Point land and ecosystem. This focus includes finding the most sustainable practices in our winery, and even shapes how we package and store our wine. We are certified sustainable by New Zealand Winegrowing, yet our sustainability efforts go well beyond that programme. Over the years we have planted thousands of native plants and trees (some of which appear to provide winter shelter for the native yeasts of our vineyard). We create our own compost from grape stems, skins and seeds, and spread it through the vineyard. Our honeybees and other beneficial insects buzz through the vineyard and nearby orchard. While winemaking, we avoid the use of harsh chemicals for cleaning equipment, and we've adapted methods to minimize water and energy use. We recently installed 24kW of photovoltaic panels that provide sufficient energy for the entire property (and then some!).
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The choices and tradeoffs needed to pursue high levels of sustainability are not always easy, especially in the short run, but the Māori Point team believes we must make those choices and tradeoffs to benefit in the long run.