Maori Point Vineyard

2014 Honi Late Harvest Pinot Gris (375mL)


A dessert wine for those who don't think they like dessert wines. Definitely not cloying or syrupy sweet, our late harvest Pinot Gris dances delicately on your palate. The name "Honi" is the Maori word for honey, which is appropriate given how this wine leads with beautifully soft honey tones, before revealing fresh citrus and ginger notes. Those honey tones result fom the "noble rot" of the late harvested grapes - much sought after, but very difficult to get just right unless mother nature is on our side. In 2014, she certainly was. This is a great pairing with almost any cheese (we'd like to know if you can find a cheese it won't complement!), and with lighter dessert fare. 100g/L residual sugar, 9.8% alcohol

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